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Easy installation for mackerel-agent on Mac, improvements made to how the number of hosts is displayed, and other updates

Install mackerel-agent on Mac with ease using the tap repository for Homebrew

Now it’s even easier to try out Mackerel on a Mac machine by using the following command to install the agent.

% brew tap mackerelio/mackerel-agent
% brew install mackerel-agent

After configuring the apikey in the settings file, the agent can then be launched.

While the Mac version of mackerel-agent is not yet officially supported at this time, we hope that you will still let us know of any problems you may encounter and any requests you have.

Number of total hosts as well as number of currently active hosts will now be displayed together on the dashboard and in your organization details page

The average number of hosts calculated from the actual number of hosts used in the past 30 days has been being displayed in the dashboard and in your organization’s details page, however, in response to requests regarding keeping track of real-time changes in server fluctuation, we have now made it so that the number of currently active hosts is also readily visible.

fluent-plugin-mackerel 0.1.1 has been released

fluent-plugin-mackerel which was created by @tksmd has been handed down to the Mackerel development team and will from now on be cooperatively maintained. Development will now be continued in the following repository.