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Mackerel optimized for smart phone display and functionality; display of graph pop-up dialogues improved.

Optimization for smart phone display has been completed

The until now partially functioning smart phone display optimization development has been completed. The alerts details page has been organized and graphs improved to be easier to view. Now you can check on your resources’ current statuses and alerts on the go which is great for responding quickly to urgent situations. We hope you’ll give our smart phone optimized Mackerel a try on your device!

We are continually working to improve smart phone and device optimization, so if you have any comments or concerns let us know by submitting feedback!

Display of graph pop-up dialogues improved, clarifying the distinction of different metrics

We’ve received feedback from users about a problem where when there were multiple devices it was difficult to tell them apart in the graphs for disk IOPS, file system capacity, network interface traffic and other values. In response we’ve made improvements to the graph pop-up window that makes that distinction readily apparent as you can see with hda1 and hda2 in the image below.