Top-level tagging with Amazon API Gateway now supported and more

Hello. Mackerel team CRE Inoue (id:a-know) here. Recently, the summer heat has finally started to cool down.

Now let’s take a look at the update information that has come out since our last announcement.

Top-level tagging with Amazon API Gateway now supported

This is an announcement regarding the integration of API Gateway with Mackerel AWS Integration.

When API Gateway integration was released in November 2018, Amazon API Gateway only supported tags on Stages. For this reason, Mackerel also filtered using APIs that included stages.

In May 2019, Amazon API Gateway began tagging support for all top-level resources.

With this, Mackerel will also begin to offer the same support starting September 5th. The filter conditions for Mackerel's API Gateway integration will change as follows.

  • Tags will no longer be filtered by Stages
  • Only API tags will be targeted for filtering.

As a result of these changes, charges regarding API Gateway integration may fluctuate slightly. We apologize for the inconvenience to those of you currently using the service, but we will be reviewing the filter conditions around September 5. (For those of you already using API Gateway integration as of August 23, we have also contacted you directly.)

The release of mackerel-agent v0.62.0

The main changes in v0.62.0 are as follows.

  • The metadata plugin now supports the environment variable MACKEREL_PLUGIN_WORKDIR
  • Posting of unused system metrics ( , memory.inactive) has been stopped
    • If you are currently monitoring these items, please pay attention to the monitoring settings when updating the agent.
  • The process command name is now checked when checking the pid file.
    • This fixes the bug where mackerel-agent would not start up when the previous pid file is unintentionally left over and the OS is restarted.