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Graph UI has been improved; now easier to visually compare multiple values, and other updates!

Improvements made to graph UI; easier to visually compare multiple values

We have made improvements to graph display so that, when moused over, graphs will display simultaneous data in a small pop-up window making it easier to visually compare multiple values.

Changes made to the listing order of monitoring rules in the Monitors page

Monitoring rules listed in the Monitors page will now be arranged in alphabetical order according to the item’s name. Only “connectivity” will be unaffected and will continue to be listed at the top. These changes will make it easier to search for items, especially when you have a large number of monitoring rules.

mackerel-agent 0.14.1 and mackerel-agent-plugins 0.6.3 have been released

With this update, increases to overall stability as well as improvements to handling of errors when a plugin has output irregular metrics have been made.