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Graphs are now able to be refreshed on-screen

On-screen graphs are now able to refresh without having to refresh the page.

In Mackerel, we’ve introduced a new feature allowing graphs which are being displayed in the host details and services window to re-graph in order to show the most current data. Until now, if you wanted to see the most up-to-date graphs, it was necessary to refresh the whole page, but now graphs can be refreshed by clicking the new refresh button.

The graph refresh button can be found at the top of the page, to the right of the buttons for adjusting the graph display range. By clicking on this, all graphs within the page will be reloaded and all data will be updated.

Reloading of embedded graphs as well as automatic reloading of graphs is presently still in development.

A minor bug involving graphs has been fixed.

Additionally, a minor bug resulting in the buttons for choosing graph display range not highlighting properly when selected has been corrected.