The custom dashboard is now easier to use, and more

Hello. Mackerel team CRE Igarashi (id:masarasi) here. These are the details of the latest update.

The custom dashboard is now easier to use

The development team has been working for some time on a project to convert the web console screen to React, and as part of this, the graph component of the custom dashboard has been converted to React. This has improved graph display performance.

Features such as autocomplete and highlighting when editing expression graphs now also support the graph widget.

When you click on “Edit Expression” on the screen that appears when you click “Full Screen Display” at the top right of an expression graph, the expression editing screen will appear. You can use autocomplete and highlighting, etc., on this editing screen.

When you click “Edit Expression” at the top right, an editing screen will open where you can use the autocomplete feature.

We have also made the following usability improvements and bug fixes, etc. Please take advantage of a custom dashboard that is now more user-friendly than ever.

  • Each widget dialogs can now be submitted with the Enter key.
  • Error details are now displayed.
  • Some display corruption has been resolved.

Accessibility improvements have been made

On screens like Full Screen Display for graphs, the following elements can now be focused on with the keyboard.

  • Graph legend
  • Graph definition editing button
  • Graph time control buttons
  • Graph definition editing modal order and delete
  • Annotations
  • Service/Role toggles of Modal for adding annotations
  • Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons

Image of keyboard controls for graphs

In addition to graphs, you can now focus on hosts, services, alerts, and many other screen elements using the keyboard. Please give it a try.

Some official plugins are no longer included in the package (for Linux)

As we announced a few days ago in the article below, some official plugins will no longer be included in the package from mackerel-agent-plugins v0.74.0 onward.

To use them, please follow the installation instructions at Install plugins by mkr plugin install, or download the source code.

The following plugins were affected by this change.