New metrics targets for Aurora Serverless v2 in AWS RDS integration

Hello, this is Sudo (id:do-su-0805), CRE from the Mackerel team.

As mentioned in the title, we have added new metric targets that can be retrieved through linking with Aurora Serverless v2 in AWS RDS integration

These changes may affect your usage fee regarding micro host conversion. Continue reading below for more information.

Modification date

Scheduled for Tuesday, April 4, 2023.

Contents of Specification Change

The additional metrics below can now be retrieved from Aurora Serverless v2.

Metric Metric name in Mackerel
ServerlessDatabaseCapacity rds.aurora.serverless_database_capacity.capacity
ACUUtilization rds.aurora.acu_utilization.utilization
TempStorageIOPS rds.aurora.temp_storage_iops.iops
TempStorageThroughput rds.aurora.temp_storage_throughput.throughput

For details regarding the metrics, please refer to the AWS documentation Performance and scaling for Aurora Serverless v2 - Amazon Aurora.

Impact of the Specification Change

With this specification change, the maximum number of retrieved metrics will change as follows:

  • Aurora MySQL
    • The current maximum number of 43 metrics will increase to 47 metrics.
  • Aurora PostgreSQL
    • The current maximum number of 39 metrics will increase to 43 metrics.

This increase in the number of metrics retrieved will exceed the 30 metric limit per microhost and may affect your fees.

The metrics retrieved from the AWS integration can be selected as desired through the configuration. These metrics are retrieved by default, so please use an appropriate configuration based on your needs.

AWS Integration - Mackerel Docs