New cloud integration metrics and more

Hello. Mackerel team CRE Inoue (id:a-know) here with another update announcement.

New cloud integration metrics have been added

Newly obtainable metrics have been added for each of the managed services for cloud integration below.

Azure SQL Database

Metrics can now be retrieved according to price tier. See the help page below for more information on which metrics you can get at each price level.

Amazon CloudFront

With the addition of eight real-time metrics in Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon CloudFront is now supported with Mackerel's AWS integration.

The following metrics have been added.

  • ErrorRate
    • 401ErrorRate (cloudfront.error_rate.401_error_rate)
    • 403ErrorRate (cloudfront.error_rate.403_error_rate)
    • 404ErrorRate (cloudfront.error_rate.404_error_rate)
    • 502ErrorRate (cloudfront.error_rate.502_error_rate)
    • 503ErrorRate (cloudfront.error_rate.503_error_rate)
    • 504ErrorRate (cloudfront.error_rate.504_error_rate)
  • CacheHitRate
    • CacheHitRate (cloudfront.cache_hit_rate)
  • OriginLatency
    • OriginLatency (cloudfront.origin_latency)

Be sure to check out the help page below as well.

OSS Updates

mackerel-agent-plugins (v0.61.0)

Regarding the mackerel-plugin-accesslog plugin, a parsing error will no longer be output for fields included in the access log that are not used by the plugin.

mackerel-check-plugins (v0.35.0)

The check-ssl-cert plugin now also monitors the expiration date of intermediate certificates.


A bug was fixed that caused HTTP Keep-Alive to not perform under certain conditions.

We will be holding an online seminar to present the updates of the first half of 2020!

As we’ve previously stated on this blog, Mackerel is constantly making new updates. We’ve already made a ton of updates this year.

For this event, we’ll be presenting the updates made in the first half of 2020, and a Mackerel team CRE will introduce their top functions with a demo! (Only available in Japanese)

There may be some updates that you missed. Please consider participating!