Markdown widget can now be used to format text and embed images, and more

Hello, this is Igarashi (id:masarasi), CRE of the Mackerel team. I would like to inform you of the contents of this update.

Markdown widget can now be used to format text and embed images

Markdown widget

The following properties are now available in the style attribute of any element in the custom dashboard Markdown widget. Formatting such as text colors, background colors, and underlines are now available.

  • color
  • background-color
  • text-decoration

External images can also now be embedded. These images can be displayed using Markdown notation or by specifying an external image URL in a tag <img>.

With this update, you can now make your text stand out, as well as display images such as diagrams, further expanding the range of use cases for custom dashboards. We hope that users who are already using custom dashboards will find them to be even more useful, and that users who have not been using custom dashboards will take this opportunity to start using them!

Added more places to display organization admin name

The organization admin name settings enabled by the previous update have been extended in this update to include the following places.

mkr command can now be used to obtain organization admin name

Relevant to the previous section, the mkr command can now be used to obtain the organization admin name.


mkr org

Execution result

    "name": "organization name",
    "displayName": "organization admin name"

This feature will be available in the following versions.

  • Linux
    • mkr 0.57.0 and above
  • Windows
    • mackerel-agent 0.80.0 and above

Changed the design of the graph controller

The Mackerel Web Console has a feature that automatically updates graphs periodically. We have improved the design to make it easier to see whether automatic updates are ON/OFF. A toggle button for turning automatic updates ON/OFF and a green light indicating that automatic updates are ON have been added to the top of custom dashboards and graph windows.

The icon for toggling the graph slider display is now displayed at the head of custom dashboards.

Previous graph controller

New graph controller

Arm64 CPU model names are now displayed

Up until now, CPU model names for hosts with Arm64 CPUs had not been displayed. With this update, CPU information is now displayed in the host overview screen and the host information under the role graph (mackerel-agent 0.79.0 and later).

Host overview screen

Role graph

mackerel-plugin-windows-server-sessions has been modified to be independent of WMIC

mackerel-plugin-windows-server-sessions is a plugin that posts information retrieved by WMIC as metrics, but since WMIC is slated to be deprecated, we have modified it to be independent of WMIC (mackerel-agent 0.79.0 and above).

Notice of Customer Support Closure during Golden Week

Mackerel Support will be closed for support inquiries during the following period.

Golden Week holidays: April 27, 2024 (Saturday) - May 7, 2024 (Tuesday)

Inquiries received during this period will be processed in order from May 8, 2024 (Wednesday) onward. Thank you for your understanding.