Anomaly Detection for roles released as experimental feature for Windows hosts and more

Hello. Mackerel team CRE Miura (id:missasan) here with another update announcement.

Anomaly Detection for roles released as experimental feature for Windows hosts

The Anomaly Detection for roles function which uses machine learning is now supported for Windows hosts (as an experimental feature).

While offered as an experimental feature, Anomaly Detection for roles can be used free of charge.

This function is currently being offered free of charge during its period as an experimental feature. If you’re using a Windows server, try enabling Anomaly Detection for roles and see what is detected as an anomaly. We also welcome your feedback.

You can select Anomaly Detection for roles from the Create a New Monitor screen, then select a role composed of Windows hosts for the Target role.

What is Anomaly Detection for roles?

The Anomaly Detection for roles function uses machine learning to detect and notify users via alerts when load tendencies deviate from the norm. The function uses about 2 weeks worth of metrics as learning data and recognizes the difference between daytime and nighttime load trends and weekday and holiday load trends. For example, the following conditions would be determined as anomalies.

  • When there’s a sudden load increase at night when the load is usually low.
  • When only one host in a role has a low load during the daytime when the load should be high

As described above, Anomaly Detection for roles can catch abnormalities that are not easily detected with general fixed threshold settings.

Check out the following article for a more detailed use case.

Legacy Custom Dashboards officially discontinued with April 15, 2021 release

As previously announced in the article linked below, Legacy Custom Dashboards was gradually being repealed, but is now completely discontinued as of the release on April 15.

All of the features for Legacy Custom Dashboards listed below are now unavailable. From now on, please use the current Custom Dashboards.

To all of the users who made the effort and migrated over to the current Custom Dashboards, we really appreciate your cooperation.

New metrics added for AWS Integration - EC2

New metrics related to Amazon EBS metrics for Nitro-based instances have been added for AWS Integration with EC2.

The new metrics are as follows.

  • EBSReadOps
  • EBSWriteOps
  • EBSReadBytes
  • EBSWriteBytes
  • EBSIOBalance%
  • EBSByteBalance%

Check out the help page linked below for metric details.

Support window closed during Golden Week

Mackerel’s official support window (inquiries made using the "Feedback" option displayed in the upper right while logged in to Mackerel) will be closed during the following period.

Period of Closure: April 29, 2021 (Thursday) - May 5, 2021 (Wednesday) JST

We will respond to all inquiries received during this period starting from May 6, 2021 (Thursday). We greatly appreciate your understanding.