mkr dashboards command now supported with current Custom Dashboards and more

Hello. Mackerel team CRE Miura (id:missasan) here with another update announcement.

Today’s updates include the addition of the mkr dashboards command mentioned in the title, and 3 bug fixes for all OSS. mkr dashboards command now supported with current Custom Dashboards

mkr dashboards command now supported with current Custom Dashboards

Legacy Custom Dashboards will be completely discontinued at the end of March.

The following announcement was made on January 12th.

In preparation for the full discontinuation at the end of March, we respectfully request that those still using Legacy Custom Dashboards begin the process of migrating to the current Custom Dashboards. As you can see in an excerpt from the announcement linked above, the official command line tool mkr dashboards was not supported for the current Custom Dashboards at that time.

(Here’s an excerpt from the above announcement)

An update to make the current custom dashboards compatible with mkr is currently under consideration (mkr dashboards is currently only supported for Legacy Custom Dashboards).

Migrating from Legacy Custom Dashboards made easy with the mkr dashboards migrate command

With this update, you can now operate current Custom Dashboards with mkr dashboard commands (mkr v0.44.1).

The following 4 commands are supported.

  • mkr dashboards : Obtain List of Custom Dashboards
  • mkr dashboards pull : Download advanced Custom Dashboard settings as a local file
  • mkr dashboards push : Update Custom Dashboards based on the specified local file
  • mkr dashboards migrate : Migrate Legacy Custom Dashboards with Markdown widgets to current Custom Dashboards

Please note that legacy dashboards cannot be updated with mkr dashboard push.

This function was developed by one of our Mackerel Ambassadors. @fujiwara

He noticed that mkr commands weren’t supported when the announcement was made, and half a month later, he sent us a PR!

All of us on the Mackerel team were super impressed by how quickly this was implemented. We, and I’m sure all Mackerel users, are very grateful. This just goes to show that Mackerel truly is a service supported by its users.

Thank you so much! @fujiwara

If you haven't migrated your Legacy Custom Dashboard yet, you’ll want to take advantage of this.

mackerel-plugin-aws-ses to use AWS Signature Version v4

With the release of mackerel-agent-plugins v0.63.5, mackerel-plugin-aws-ses will now use AWS Signature Version v4 instead of using Signature Version v3, which will be discontinued on February 28, 2021.

Points of note

  • Older versions of mackerel-plugin-aws-ses will no longer be available for use after the discontinuation of Signature Version v3 on February 28, 2021.
  • Please update for this release or migrate to AWS Integration SES.
  • Due to this change, the --endpoint option is no longer recommended.

The issue of commands ending in error when check-load becomes CRITICAL has been fixed

Prior to this release, if the CRITICAL threshold for check-load was exceeded, commands would end in an error without issuing alerts. This issue has been fixed in go-check-plugins v0.39.2.

The issue of settings being deleted with mkr monitors push/diff has been fixed

With the release of mkr v0.44.1, the issue of settings being deleted unintentionally when executing commands mkr monitors push and mkr monitors diff has been fixed.

Thank you to everyone who contributed!