Newly obtainable metrics added for Azure / SQL Database Integration and more

Hello. Mackerel team CRE Inoue (id:a-know) here with another update announcement.

Newly obtainable metrics added for Azure / SQL Database Integration

5 new obtainable metrics have been added and they are as follows.

  • SQL Server process core percent
    • azure.sql_database.sqlserver_process_core_percent.percent
  • SQL Server process memory percent
    • azure.sql_database.sqlserver_process_memory_percent.percent
  • Tempdb Data File Size
    • azure.sql_database.tempdb_data_size.data_size
  • Tempdb Log File Size
    • azure.sql_database.tempdb_log_size.log_size
  • Tempdb Percent Log Used
    • azure.sql_database.tempdb_log_used_percent.percent

Be sure to check out the documentation linked below as well.

Spec changes made related to posting time and posting interval for check monitoring results.

A lot of our users are using plugins to perform check monitoring for Mackerel.

These check monitoring results are sent to Mackerel together with a timestamp of when the check process was performed, then an alert is issued according to those results. Up until now, this was handled the same way regardless of how much time had passed. Now, specifications have been changed so that this function is only available up to 6 hours.

In addition to this, you also have maxCheckAttemps, which sets the maximum number of attempts as a mackerel-agent option for check monitoring. However, specifications have been changed so that the range for evaluating this is within 6 hours. (The previous range was within 1 hour.)

Mackerel’s own Watanabe will be presenting at an event on October 28th (Wednesday)!

Mr. Watanabe, Mackerel's very own Product Manager, is scheduled to present at an event titled "Bringing agility to business with SaaS + Serverless" hosted by Amazon Web Services Japan K.K. (Japanese only)

The theme of this event focuses on Amazon EventBridge (which was recently supported by Mackerel) and Mr. Watanabe will be talking about how to best use Mackerel in serverless environments. Please consider joining us!