Updates for mackerel-agent and more etc.

Hello. Mackerel sales engineer Inoue (id:a-know) here.

Hatena inc. will come to the end of the term this month and enter a new one starting in August. In preparation for the new term, the Mackerel team is thinking about all kinds of new projects and events.

We’ve been discussing a lot of new events focused on user interaction in particular. Our Hackathon event, which we’ll introduce later in this blog, will be the first installation. You definitely don’t want to miss out on Mackerel next term!

Anyways, here is this week’s update information.

Updates for mackerel-agent and more

Updates have been made for OSS mackerel-agent, mackerel-agent-plugins, and go-check-plugins. Below is an outline of the update contents.

mackerel-agent v0.44.0

  • Minor adjustments

mackerel-agent-plugins v0.29.0

  • [aws-dynamodb] TimeToLiveDeletedItemCount metrics now obtainable.
  • [aws-dynamodb] option and graph definition have been adjusted.
  • [mysql] label prefix improved.

go-check-plugins v0.11.0

  • [check-http] -i option added.
    • The source IP address can now be specified.
  • [check-http] -s option added.
    • By using this option and setting -s 404=ok and -s 300-404=critical , it is now possible to associate the status code with the check results.

Notice for Maintenance in the end of August・Concerning stage 2

Here are the details concerning the second round of scheduled maintenance in the end of August.

After this maintenance is completed, source IP addresses used for notification channels such as URL external monitoring, AWS Integration, Azure Integration, Webhook from Mackerel will be changed.

The IP addresses are listed in the first announcement entry we made concerning this maintenance.

If you are specifying an IP address for the purpose of allowing access only from Mackerel, be sure to check it again.

Mackerel Plugin Hackathon #1!

I briefly mentioned this at the beginning, but starting next month we would like to hold a variety of events more than ever before. And first up is Mackerel’s very first hackathon event, Mackerel Plugin Hackathon #1!

For the event venue, we were able to rent the lovely space of VOYAGE GROUP!

id:Songmu , id:Soudai , and me (id:a-know) from the Mackerel team will be attending the event and providing support for anyone not familiar with creating Mackerel plugins, so don’t worry!

Have you ever thought, “This plugin doesn’t exist, so I’ll make it myself!”? Then this event is for you! We also warmly welcome anyone who might be interested in deepening their understanding of plugins/Mackerel and those wanting to interact with Mackerel engineers/users.

If you have the time, feel free to join us!