mackerel-container-agent has been updated

Hello. CRE Nishiyama (id:tukaelu) here.

Today is another humid one.

At home I’ve been running the air conditioner and the dehumidifier. With Mackerel, I’ve been able to monitor my room temperature and humidity, but recently I’ve started to worry about my electricity bill. Maybe I should start monitoring the amount of electricity I use as well.

This week’s release content concerns mackerel-container-agent!

mackerel-plugin-json now included

Although mackerel-plugin-json was not included as an official plugin, it has now been added to the plugins bundled with mackerel-container-agent.

This plugin is really useful when monitoring with endpoints that respond in JSON format such as the "Health Endpoint Pattern" mentioned in "Introductory Monitoring".

This plugin will be particularly useful in a lot of cases regarding container operation and monitoring. I definitely recommend giving it a try!

The region can now be resolved when the configuration file URL is S3 specified

The region error that occurred by specifying s3:// in the external configuration file of the container agent when the environment variable AWS_DEFAULT_REGION is not set has been fixed.

The configuration file can now be read at fixed intervals

The configuration file can now be reloaded in fixed minute intervals by configuring MACKEREL_AGENT_CONFIG_POLLING_DURATION_MINUTES in the environment variables of mackerel-container-agent,

For more information, be sure to refer to the manual explanation as well!

Mackerel at CloudNative Days Tokyo 2019 (July 22-23)!

Mackerel will be running a booth at CloudNative Days Tokyo 2019 held at Toranomon Hills Forum for two days from July 22nd to the 23rd.

Today from 4:40pm - 5:20pm (JST) in RoomH, Mackerel team SRE Imai (id:hayajo_77) will be presenting on "The strategy behind the development of the Mackerel team's container agent and future plans"!!

Also, the CRE team will be preparing a demo environment with novelty goods in the Exhibition AREA on the 5F, so be sure to stop by the Mackerel booth if you’re coming to the event!

We hope to see you there!!