Improvements are constantly being made to the Mackerel UI

Hello! Mackerel Team Director id:daiksy here.

In Japan, we use the expression “Sankanshion” to describe the changing weather one often experiences around late Winter and early Spring. The temperature changes are intense here, but it seems as though Spring is gradually approaching.

I work from our Kyoto office, and as it gets warmer, this area starts to become more lively with all the cherry blossom viewing and other events.

Here is this week’s update information.

You can now edit directly from the custom dashboard list

Up until now, editing the custom dashboard was done through a permalink, but now we’ve added a button which gives you the ability to edit directly from the list.

In Mackerel, we are constantly making efforts to improve our UI, but these aren’t always included in our weekly announcements. For example, we’ve made it easier to adjust the list screen order to better fit the users’ specific situation, and we’ve also made changes to the on-screen button layout.

Every Scrum Sprint, the Mackerel team holds a UI / UX meeting and we talk in detail about what kind of UI improvements need to be made. We discuss feedback that we’ve received from user inquiries and our actual experience with things we’ve found difficult to use. Although less noticeable compared to some of the larger feature developments, these UI improvement updates are made every week.

Mackerel at JAWS DAYS 2018 (Japanese only)

The other day, Mackerel’s very own id:Songmu gave a presentation at the JAWS DAYS 2018 lunch session and talked about hints and other useful ways of using AWS with Mackerel.

To all of you who attended, thank you very much!