Specifying multiple conditions in log monitoring is now easier with check-log etc.

Last week from May 31st to June 2nd, Mackerel ran a booth at the AWS Summit Tokyo 2017.

We had so many visitors, it was a very successful three days! A big shout out to all of you who came by the Mackerel booth, thank you!

Anyways, here is this week’s update.

Specifying multiple conditions in log monitoring is now easier with check-log

go-check-plugins v0.10.4 has been released, making it easier to specify multiple conditions in log monitoring using the check-log plugin.

Now, multiple --pattern options can be specified. When specified, they are treated with the AND operator (only log output lines that satisfy all specified patterns are detected).

The following is a configuration example to have alerts occur when a log output line that includes the two strings “PRODUCTION” and “FATAL” appears.

command = "check-log --file /var/log/access.log --pattern PRODUCTION --pattern FATAL"

Also, check out the help page below for more information.

Specifications for ELB metrics integrated with AWS Integration have changed

As you all may know, Mackerel’s AWS Integration feature is implemented using the Amazon CloudWatch.

Using the CloudWatch API to obtain ELB (CLB / ALB) metrics in relation to each HTTP status response count (e.g. HTTP Code ELB Count), responses without metric points themselves can be obtained at times when there is no response such as 4xx or 5xx.

Mackerel’s AWS integration also followed the CloudWatch API response, but was incompatible with Mackerel’s specifications and we received inquiries from multiple customers about a problem with monitoring not starting unless metric points existed. With this release, if there is no metric points, ELB metrics in relation to the response count for each HTTP status are now registered as 0.

This makes checking graphs more intuitive and also resolves the problem in the past where target metrics could not be selected if there were no 4xx or 5xx responses.

Updates for mackerel-agent-plugins and more

In addition to the updates made for go-check-plugins above, the following items have also been updated.

mackerel-agent-plugins v0.27.2

  • AWS Kinesis Firehose has been added
  • [mackerel-plugin-php-opcache] minor adjustments were made
  • [aws-rds] minor adjustments were made
  • Now built with Go 1.8

mkr v0.10.4

  • Minor adjustments were made

Thank you to everyone who contributed Pull Requests!