New metric targets added for AWS・ALB Integration

Hello, Mackerel team CRE Inoue (id:a-know) here with some update announcements.

New metric targets added for AWS・ALB Integration

This specification change was announced the other day and as scheduled, was released on the 14th of April. Check out the blog post linked below for details about the release contents.

【Azure Integration・Cache for Redis】Dimension metrics support added

This corresponds to error detail metrics such as Dataloss and AOF.

We’ve updated the documentation. You can also take a look at the changes that were made here.

OSS Product Updates

The following OSS products have been updated. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

mackerel-check-plugins v0.34.0

  • [check-redis] The --password option can now be used when authentication is required
  • [check-aws-cloudwatch-logs]
    • The --max-retries option can now be configured to set the number of retries with API call failure
    • Fixed a bug that caused an error to occur when " was included in a -p option argument

mkr v0.40.0

  • mkr channels pull is now available
    • When executed, a channels.json file is created locally, and the channel information of the organization that corresponds to the API key you are using will be output.
    • Only items that can be obtained by the Mackerel API will be output.

Custom Identifier can now be cleared with the API

This can be utilized, for example, when transferring host information such as metrics from one Amazon EC2 instance to a different instance and continuing monitoring.

However, if the instance is different, we generally recommend that you register and manage it as a different host in Mackerel as well (for system metric information, you can also reference information from the previous host with the role graph). But if for some reason or another you want to continue monitoring as the same host, this can be useful.

For more details, check out the document linked below.