Updates for mackerel-agent and mackerel-agent-plugins/A portion of OS support has been stopped etc.

The view of outside from the window has become completely green. How about for all of our Mackerel users out there?

And It’s about that time when this year’s new employees start getting used to work life.

Recently, Mastodon has been a really hot topic in Japan! Setting aside how it’s used, you could learn a lot from building your own Mastodon instance. If you do build one, be sure to monitor the server with Mackerel!

Anyways, here is this week’s update information.

Updates for mackerel-agent and mackerel-agent-plugins

Updates have been made for mackerel-agent and mackerel-agent-plugins. The specifics are listed below.

mackerel-agent v0.42.2

  • Included in mackerel-agent for Windows, the line endings of mackerel-agent.conf were set to CRLF
    • This makes editing possible even in Windows’ standard Notepad etc.
  • Other minor modifications

mackerel-agent-plugins v0.26.0

  • mackerel-plugin-aws-kinesis-streams was added
  • mackerel-plugin-aws-lambda was added
  • an error in the mackerel-plugin-redis metric label was corrected
  • mackerel-plugin-twemproxy now supports twemproxy v0.3

Thank you to everyone who contributed pull requests to the GitHub repository!

The deadline to apply for Mackerel Meetup #10 is approaching!

Tomorrow is the last day to apply for Mackerel Mackerel Meetup #10 and join us in celebrating our 10th Mackerel Meetup!

Due to it’s popularity, we’ve increased the maximum number of spots available from 70 to 80! And although all applicants will be selected through a lottery process, you’ve got a really good chance, so definitely apply!

OS Support stoppage notice

Along with the suspension of OS support, Mackerel plans to stop OS support for the following as of next month (May 2017).

  • CentOS5
  • Debian6
  • Ubuntu12.04

Even with support suspended, we do not anticipate any problems such as mackerel-agent suddenly freezing or server monitoring going down. Additionally, there are no plans to delete package repositories etc. at the moment. However, we can not guarantee that mackerel-agent will run with future updates.

We will make another announcement when support is officially stopped.

From now on as well, Mackerel plans to stop OS support according to the support end date of each OS. Regarding the supported environments of Mackerel and mackerel-agent, please refer to the following page.