Threshold input fields can now be seen upon first view when creating monitoring rules etc.

Hey! Mackerel sales engineer Inoue (id:a-know) here.

Just when I think that the spring weather will stay warm, a cold and windy day takes me by surprise. This season is really difficult to dress for…

But Golden Week (a Japanese holiday) is just around the corner and when that’s over, it’ll start to feel a lot like summer. So if you think about it like that, we should try and fully appreciate spring while it lasts.

Anyways, here is this week’s update information.

Threshold input fields can now be seen upon first view when creating monitoring rules

We made this feature update based on feedback that we received that expressed wanting to have threshold configuration in first view since it changes at a high frequency. With this, it is easier to make changes and understand the purpose/options available from this screen. Be sure to check it out.

The font set has been changed

With an aim to improve character visibility/readability, Mackerel designers tested out a variety of fonts in various environments and implemented a new font.

The following image is an side-by-side comparison using a section of the side menu. The left side is the previously used font and the right side is the updated version.

The scroll bar display has been improved

In Webkit browsers, scroll bars are not initially displayed even in areas that can be scrolled. Up until now, scroll bars appear upon scrolling. We felt this gave the interface a simpler aesthetic, but the Mackerel designers thought that it might be better to be able to see which areas can be scrolled in advance.

We vigorously discussed within issues, pull requests, etc. and as a result, we decided to make scroll bars visible when hovering the cursor over areas that are constantly displayed and always show for areas that are added afterwards.

Here at Mackerel, we are making more improvements than ever in order to be easier to understand and easier to use. Look forward to future UI improvements as well!

Release of mackerel-agent v0.42.1

mackerel-agent has been updated. The following change has been made.

  • Locale information( LC_ALL=C )will now be configured when initializing the agent

Now accepting applications for Mackerel Meetup #10!

As an official Mackerel event, we are commemorating the 10th Mackerel Meetup. We are now accepting applications!

This time we’ll be borrowing the lovely venue of Microsoft Japan!

We’ve got all sorts of things lined up! The main content for the event is as follows.

Time Title Speaker・MC
19:20-19:30 Important points in advance Hatena
19:30-19:50 Microsoft Azure Integration and Strengthening Windows Support Hatena Co., Ltd.
Mackerel Producer, Hiromichi Sugiyama(id:sugiyama88)
19:50-20:10 MTI Healthcare platform supported by Mackerel + Azure MTI Ltd.
Norio Akama
20:10-20:30 Introducing Vuls vulnerability scanner and exploring vulnerability management using Mackerel metadata Future Architect Co., Ltd.
Vuls Developer, Kota Kanbe
20:30-20:40 Questionnaire and get-together preparation time Hatena
20:40-22:00 Get-together・LT tournament Hatena・LT Presenters

With Vuls in cooperation with Microsoft Azure, this is an event you definitely don’t want to miss!