The alert details screen is now automatically updated etc.

Mackerel’s producer, id:sugiyama88, took to the stage last Saturday at the Open Cloud Innovation Festa 2016.

And we’re proud to say, he was awarded 2nd place for best speaker at the event! We are extremely grateful to everyone who attended the session and to all of those who made this wonderful event possible.

On top of that, this event took place on September 17th, which is Mackerel’s birthday! Thanks to all of you, we’ve been going strong for two years now!

Mackerel will continue to grow and evolve, so thank you for choosing us!

The alert details screen is now automatically updated

The graph in the alert details screen is now automatically updated. The update interval is set at 1 minute.

We believe this will make it easier to respond to alerts of changes in hectic situations while being able to keep the alert details screen open and confirm.

Actually, this feature was implemented by Mackerel’s summer interns. Now that the internship has finished, our company engineers have done some fine-tuning and completed the final checks for this week’s release.

To the interns that developed so many features that they couldn’t all be installed during the internship period, we applaud you!

【Advanced notice】connectivity monitoring specifications will be modified

The specifications of Mackerel’s connectivity monitoring is currently “If posts of host metrics aren’t made beyond the fixed time, a connectivity alert will occur”.

Host metrics include system metrics that are obtained and transmitted by mackerel-agent by default, as well as custom metrics that are obtained via plugins.

We are thinking about changing the specifications of this connectivity monitoring to something like “If posts of system metrics aren’t made beyond the fixed time, a connectivity alert will occur”.

This change will will be made since there is a possibility for custom metrics to be posted from somewhere other than mackerel-agent such as the API or mkr.

Due to this change of specifications, a connectivity alert will no longer occur for hosts that only send custom metrics (Such as hosts linked through AWS Integration).

We will make another announcement here when this specification change is released. Because changes will be made to specifications concerning monitoring, please be careful.