The notification service “LINE Notify” now supported etc.

id:daiksy, Mackerel’s sub-director, took to the podium this week at the IDCF cloud Meetup!in Osaka vol.3 held on Tuesday the 27th.

We had the opportunity to make a variety of announcements concerning Mackerel, including the introduction of recently released features. A big thanks to everyone who attended and to all of those who made the event possible.

Well then, here is this week’s release information.

Mackerel alert notifications now support “LINE Notify”

LINE DEVELOPER DAY 2016 was held yesterday, September 29th. Those who attended the event may have heard the announcement already, but Mackerel is now supported as an initial cooperative of “LINE Notify”, the notification service connecting LINE and other external applications.


This can be added via “New Channel/Group” from the “Channel Settings” screen.

Refer to the help page linked below for more regarding configuration.

Configure notifications for monitoring rules you definitely don’t want to miss etc. The number of choices of notification channels will expand. Be sure to try it out!

mackerel-agent 0.35.1 release

mackerel-agent 0.35.1 has been released. The main changes are as follows.

  • The agent’s https transmission was changed to no longer use HTTP/2
  • Mac meta-data can now be obtained as well

Please be sure to update the agent.

Now accepting applications for the October Mackerel Hands-On Seminar

The Mackerel Hands-On Seminar that was held twice in September will also be held in October!

For those of you who were too busy in September and didn’t get a chance to attend, by all means, please join us!