Updates for mackerel-agent and more & Our 3 year anniversary event coming soon! etc.

Hello! Mackerel team CRE Inoue (id:a-know) here.

As announced last week, this week, "Mackerel Week", was one packed with Mackerel events.

Starting on Monday with the Mackerel / NewRelic / Elasticsearch Seminar.

First up for presenters, Mackerel team CRE, Sone (id:Soudai)

On Tuesday, Mackerel Drink Up #6 was held in Osaka where Hatena staff member, id:papix, kicked off the Lightning Talk.

Wednesday, we ran a booth at the AWS CloudRoadShow 2017 in Nagoya and were able to introduce Mackerel to a lot of engineers based in that area.

Energetic as always, Mackerel team CRE Sone (id:Soudai) in Nagoya

Thank you again to Recruit Technologies Co.,Ltd. and MOTEX Inc. for letting us use such a nice space. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came to the AWS CloudRoadShow 2017 Nagoya!

Anyways, here is this week’s update information.

Updates for mackerel-agent and more

With this week’s release, Updates have been made for mackerel-agent and more. Detailed content is listed below.

mackerel-agent v0.45.0

  • Now able to build with Go 1.9

mackerel-agent-plugins v0.34.0

  • mackerel-plugin-flume, sidekiq added to package
  • [aws-dynamodb] Metrics fixed
  • [mysql] extended metrics when enable_extended is valid were fixed.
  • [openldap] Metrics fixed

mackerel-check-plugins v0.13.0

  • [check-log] The following changes to the default behavior were made.
    • 【Before change】All lines in the target log file are read and checked upon initial startup.
    • 【After change】Target logs are not checked upon initial startup. Specific segments of logs can be checked by specifying and outputting after startup.
    • If you prefer the previous behavior, specify the --check-first option and the behavior will remain the same as before.
  • Now able to build with Go 1.9

mkr v0.20.0

  • Now able to build with Go 1.9

A big thanks to all of our users who contributed!

“Mackerel Day”, Mackerel’s 3 year anniversary event coming soon!

As of September 17th, it has been three years since the official release of Mackerel. We’ve made it this far, continuing to implement advanced features along the way, all thanks to everyone out there using Mackerel.

To celebrate Mackerel’s 3rd year anniversary and as a thank you to all of our users, we will be holding “Mackerel Day”, a special edition Meetup event!

We have invited our friends and valued users Labo, Freee, GMO Pepabo, and Mercari (in order of presentations) to take to the stage and talk about examples of useful application and the various ways of using Mackerel. Amazon Japan is providing an amazing venue for the event and Tomoaki Sakatoku of Solution Architect will also be speaking. Even Sugiyama, Ono, and Inoue (me) of Hatena will take the stage!

Everyone from the Mackerel development team will be there for the event and social get-together. This will be an event where users and developers gather under one roof! You definitely don’t want to miss out on this!