Official support for Amazon Linux

While a malfunction for mackerel-agent in Amazon Linux AMI 2016.03 has occurred, measures have been taken to return full working use.

  • A notice of the malfunction was made in Friday’s (3/25) newsletter and development blog.

Taking this opportunity to ensure AWS users’ complete confidence, Amazon Linux will be officially supported in mackerel-agent.

Upon official support, a new repository is available for customers using Amazon Linux. Therefore, if you are using an existing repository it will be necessary to switch it. However, because there are no operation effects on Amazon Linux before Amazon Linux AMI 2016.03, the repository switch is not required.

Mackerel-agent’s new installation/repository switching procedure for an Amazon Linux use repository follows below.

New installation procedure (for use with Amazon Linux)

Specify an API key with Read & Write permissions in the place of {{MACKEREL_APIKEY}}.

curl -fsSL | sh
sudo yum install -y mackerel-agent
sudo mackerel-agent init -apikey={{MACKEREL_APIKEY}}
sudo /sbin/service mackerel-agent start

The following should be carried out as needed.

sudo yum install -y mackerel-agent-plugins
sudo yum install -y mackerel-check-plugins
sudo yum install -y mkr

Repository switching procedure (for use with Amazon Linux)

sudo yum remove -y mackerel-agent mackerel-agent-plugins mackerel-check-plugins mkr
sudo rm /etc/yum.repos.d/mackerel.repo
curl -fsSL | sh
sudo cp /etc/mackerel-agent/mackerel-agent.conf.rpmsave /etc/mackerel-agent/mackerel-agent.conf
sudo yum clean all
sudo yum install -y mackerel-agent mackerel-agent-plugins mackerel-check-plugins mkr
sudo /sbin/service mackerel-agent start

From now on in Mackerel, in order to deal with the various problems in Linux distributions, our plan is to prepare a separate repository for each distribution

We will guide you through that process as soon as it is ready.