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Service metric permalinks; fluent-plugin-webhook-mackerel released; Mackerel Meetup #5 rundown

This past week was a holiday in Japan known as “Silver Week”. I wasn’t aware of this but apparently Japanese law says that if there is only one business day sandwiched between two public holidays, then that day will also become a holiday! So that’s why we have Silver Week and Golden Week in Japan, the sandwich rule!

And now for this week’s Mackerel update.

Service metric graph permalinks have been released

Now, in addition to permalinks for host metrics and role graphs, we’re happy to announce that the same permalink feature is available for service metrics as well.

Just as before, permalinks can be obtained from the icon in the upper right hand corner of the graphs.

Functionality for custom metric permalinks is in the works and should be released soon.

fluent-plugin-webhook-mackerel has been released

Using fluent-plugin-webhook-mackerel you can now integrate alert notifications from Mackerel with fluentd.

By using Mackerel’s Webhook feature and fluent-plugin-webhook-mackerel, you can easily have notifications sent from Mackerel to fluentd. With this, it’s possible to do things like keeping records of alert conditions outside of Mackerel, or having some kind of custom action be carried out when triggered by an alert.

For details please check the help documentation.

Last week’s Mackerel Meetup #5

Last week on September 17th, the 5th Mackerel Meetup was held in Tokyo.

Despite the rainy weather we were super excited to see so many people come out on the anniversary of Mackerel’s official release. We want to extend a big and sincere thank you to all those who attended!

Mackerel’s development team is working remotely from three different locations in Japan, Tokyo, Kyoto, and Aichi Prefecture, but this time we brought together the whole team to celebrate Mackerel’s first birthday with everyone who joined us for the festivities.

Having the whole team together and being able to exchange with everyone who came was a real treat for us.

A rundown of the night’s presentations

“Mackerel’s First Year and Onward” by Hatena’s CTO Shinji Tanaka (@stanaka)

As is customary at our Meetups, we heard from id:stanaka / @stanaka about the progress of Mackerel up until now and what is to come. This time he introduced several new features including monitoring Docker, external URL monitors, as well as codification of monitoring rules.

“Why I was called here today, and how we use Mackerel in Fukuoka” GMO Pepabo’s Mr. Yamashita (@pyama86)

We also got to hear a talk by GMO Pepabo’s Yamashita-san (@pyama86) about using OpenStack and the development of an agent-plugin that monitors the number of queues of asynchronous processes. While breaking the ice with his witty and light-hearted candor, Mr. Yamashita also shared some valuable knowledge with super concrete examples along the way.

Ameba Ownd and Mackerel” by Cyber Agent’s Matsura-san

The last of the main presentation was a use case from Cyber Agent’s Mr. Matsura (@dblmkt) in which he covered how to use Mackerel’s sensu plugins and some things to watch out for. We also got to hear a little bit about the events that led to them choosing Mackerel.

Lightning talks

After the main 3 presentations we all had some pizza and drinks, followed by a round of quick lightning talks.

  • “Mackerel + Github + CirckeCI” by Cyber Agent’s Konuki-san
  • “How I got free Starbucks with Mackerel” by blayn’s Koshige-san
  • “Managing Your Mackerel Deployments” by GMO Pepabo’s Koya-san

As is to be expected with lightning talks, the humor was laid on generously and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Well, I think we can consider Meetup #5 a big success. In the future we hope to have many more opportunities like this to come together and exchange with the Mackerel community. See you next time at Mackerel Meetup #6!