Get independent links for monitoring rules; other updates

Fall is setting in here in Kyoto. For me it really sets in when the patios that all the restaurants along the Kamo River build every summer start being taken down. It’s a really nice day though and we’ve got all the windows open at the office to let in the fresh air.

This week’s Mackerel update:

Get independent links for each monitoring rule

It’s now possible to get permalinks to the editing screens of configured monitoring rules. With this you can migrate from editing monitoring rules in alert, service, and host details screens to editing the corresponding monitoring rules in separate pages.

This is especially useful for making small adjustments to a monitoring rule’s thresholds while simultaneously watching how an open alert’s status reacts.

mkr and plugins release

mkr and multiple plugins have been released. Details can be found below.

mkr 0.6.0 has been released

  • bug fixes

mackerel-agent-plugins 0.13.2 has been released

  • mackerel-plugin-fluentd item adjustments
  • support for CoreOS and Amazon Linux with mackerel-plugin-docker
  • addition of -metric-key-prefix and -metric-label-prefix options to mackerel-plugin-aws-rds

mackerel-check-plugins 0.0.3 has been released

  • addition of check-load