Revisions to the Mackerel usage agreement

Today some revisions have been made to the Mackerel usage agreement. Please take note of the following changes.

  • Amendment to article 2 under the 2nd item: "Where the User comes under organized crime (gangs, gang members, gang related enterprises, organizations, or associated persons, or any other entity that applies to any of the aforementioned, and so forth.), is cooperating with organized crime by supplying capital or by any other means, or could in any way be considered to be involved in organized crime at the discretion of the Company."
  • Amendment to article 6 under the 2nd item: "Promoting organized criminal activity or profiting organized crime in any way through use of the Services;"

If you have any concerns regarding unclear or ambiguous wording in the usage agreement or if you have any questions, please let us know at Mackerel support.