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Adding display names to your hosts.

This weeks Mackerel update:

Adding display names to your hosts

It’s now possible in Mackerel to add display names to your hosts, making it faster to find the one you are looking for in the hosts list and easier to manage your organization. Additionally, when an alert is raised, the display name you have set will be shown in all forms of alert notifications.

To set a display name, click on the settings gear icon in the host’s details page.

Part 2 of Mackerel’s serialized story in Software Design released

“Getting started with server management in Mackerel”, the 2nd installation of our serialized article in the Japanese magazine Software Design has been published with the April issue.

This month’s article from id:Songmu is entitled “Servers viewed in graphs, and middleware metrics” and discusses data visualization with Mackerel.

  • Server monitoring and metrics
  • Which metrics to measure
  • Plugin mechanisms for measuring metrics unique to your server
  • Collecting metrics that don’t depend on servers using service metrics
  • Open source and Mackerel If you are interested (and happen to read Japanese) we hope you’ll grab a copy and check out our article in Software Design.