Automatic graph refresh; service metric monitoring is now official!

The following features have been released with this weeks new update to Mackerel.

Automatic graph refresh

Until now when accessing a service or host details page it was necessary to manually refresh graphs by clicking the refresh button to see the most up-to-date information. With this update we will be offering a new feature that periodically refreshes graphs automatically.

Automatic graph refresh can be enabled by turning on the “AUTO” switch next to the refresh button.

As of now, auto-refresh will be done in 90 second intervals. When auto-refresh is enabled a blinking light will be displayed next to the switch indicating that auto-refresh is on. By hovering the cursor over the blinking light to reveal the refresh button, you can also manually refresh the graphs.

Service metric monitoring now officially supported

Service metric monitoring, an experimental feature which we first began offering last year, to which support for monitoring by average was added last month, will now be an officially supported feature of Mackerel. To those organizations who have already been using this feature, we thank you and look forward to continuing to serve you in the future.

Metrics now listed in alphabetical order

The metric selection list that appears when creating a new monitoring rule, as well as the metrics in the service metrics screen will now be listed in alphabetical order, making it faster and easier to find the metric you are looking for.