Auto-retire feature added for EC2 hosts integrated with AWS Integration etc.

Hello! Mackerel team CRE Miura (id:missasan) here.

In addition to the highly requested title feature, this update offers plenty of other content. Check out the new features provided by this summer’s Hatena Interns and some new/improvements that were made possible by user contributions. See the details below.

Now on to the update information.

An auto-retire feature has been added for EC2 hosts integrated with AWS Integration

With this update, we’ve added an automatic retirement feature for EC2 hosts integrated with AWS Integration. If this feature is enabled, retirement processing will automatically be performed in Mackerel when an instance has been terminated. To enable this option, click Enable automatic retirement in the AWS Integration Settings screen. By default, this option will be disabled for hosts that have already been created, but automatically enabled for newly created hosts.


Please note, this feature is currently only available for EC2 and should be considered when using with other AWS services.

Roles can now be registered/deleted from the API

It is now possible to register and delete roles from the API. For more details, take a look at the document below.

This feature was developed by student interns participating in the 2018 Hatena Summer Internship Program under the guidance of engineers on the Mackerel development team! This was the fastest release out of all the student interns. (Japanese only)

mackerel-client-go, a golang client officially offered by Mackerel, is also supported.

Alert details added to Alert group notifications

Some detailed information included in alert groups is now displayed with notifications posted to Slack etc. Up to three alert detail items of the group can be displayed. Be sure to turn on notifications and check the display. Since Alert groups is still a new feature, we really appreciate requests and feedback.

AWS Aurora PostgreSQL can now be monitored with mackerel-plugin-postgres

With the release of mackerel-agent-plugins v0.51.1, AWS Aurora PostgreSQL is now supported with mackerel-plugin-postgres.

check-smtp added

check-smtp was added in the release of go-check-plugins v0.22.0. And although check-tcp already has a feature to check smtp connection, this feature is more specialized for smtp.

To all the contributors out there who submitted Pull Requests, thank you!