Upgrade option now available with mkr v0.28.0 release etc.

Hello there! My name is Miura (id:missasan) and I recently joined the Mackerel team as a CRE.

It’s been just about a month since joining the company and this is my first update announcement. I think there will be plenty of opportunities to meet and greet at future events and through support contact. I’m looking forward to it!

Now on to this week’s update information.

Upgrade option now available with mkr v0.28.0 release

An upgrade option has been added to mkr command. With this option, file downloading will only be executed when the specified version of the plugin is not installed.

By adding the upgrade option as shown here mkr plugin install --upgrade mackerelio/mackerel-plugin-sample@v0.0.2 and then installing, the following behavior will occur.

  • If a plugin with the same release tag has already been installed, the installation process will finish without downloading.
  • Only when the release tags differ, will the file be downloaded and the plugin binary placed.

Up until now, when running mkr plugin install mackerelio/mackerel-plugin-sample@v0.0.2, the file download would take place regardless of whether a plugin of the same release had already been installed or not. So, when using built-in provisioning tools like Ansible or Chef, the file would download every time, making them difficult to use. Now, with this week’s release of the upgrade option, it’s possible to download only the necessary files.

Additionally, you can also use the upgrade option to downgrade. For example, if v.0.0.2 is currently installed and v0.0.1 is then specified and executed, v0.0.1 will be installed.

A link to the help page was added under the toggle button of the experimental feature setting

If you want to check out what experimental features are available or learn more about them before enabling, we’ve added a link to the help page just under the feature’s toggle button in settings for your convenience.

To learn more about the features available, refer to "Currently provided experimental features" section located at the bottom of the help page.

Currently, there are two experimental features available: Expression monitoring and Displaying customized graphs. If you haven’t used the experimental features yet, by all means, take a look.

Updates for Mackerel related OSS

Updates for various Mackerel related OSS were made this week and the details follow below. A big thanks to everyone who contributed!

mackerel-agent v0.54.1

  • EC2 instance recognition for mackerel-agent has been improved.
  • When starting mackerel-agent, the message outputted when checking host information has been changed from WARNING to INFO.

go-check-plugins v0.19.0

  • [check-ldap] newly added to the package
  • [check-http] The string check option --pattern has been added. This option supports regular expressions.