AWS Integration for RDS now supports Amazon Aurora etc.

Today is Tanabata, a day celebrated on July 7th here in Japan. Also referred to as the Star Festival, children and adults hang written wishes on bamboo branches and look up to the stars in hopes that their wish comes true. It might be good to look up at the night sky this evening and make a wish.

Also, a typhoon hit islands off the coast of Japan this week. Looks like we’re about to enter typhoon season, so everyone stay safe!

Anyways, here is this week’s update information.

AWS Integration for RDS now supports Amazon Aurora

AWS Integration now supports Amazon Aurora as a metric target of RDS Integration.

Since its introduction, this feature has been highly requested. Sorry to keep you all waiting!

Check out the list of obtainable metric items in the help page below.

Mackerel Drink Up #5 Tokyo!

Mackerel Drink Up is an official event where users are invited to come and interact with Mackerel staff and users from other companies while enjoying good food and drinks. Mackerel Drink Up #5 Tokyo will be held on Wednesday, July 19th (JST)! (Japanese only)

Many members of the Mackerel team will be there, including the director, producer, and myself. This is a good opportunity to ask all your Mackerel related questions, so by all means, join us!