Plugin installer feature added to the mkr・CLI tool etc.

Yesterday, we issued a press release as a company announcing the release of a new feature for cloud providers, "Cloud Provider Integration". (Japanese only)

As the first step in providing this "Cloud Provider integration" feature, we also announced our collaboration with “BIGLOBE Cloud Hosting”, the public cloud of BIGLOBE Co., Ltd.

By developing such features, we hope to be a valuable resource to even more server administrators.

Now onto this week’s update content.

Plugin installer feature added to the mkr・CLI tool

A plugin installer feature has been added to Mackerel’s mkr CLI tool.

Simply put, this "feature makes it easier to install plugins other than official plugin repositories".

All official plugins are developed with Golang, however plugins supported in the plugin installer can use any development language. Mackerel has an official plugin registry, so be sure register your created plugin here!

Sometime next week, we plan on releasing a separate entry about this plugin installer and how to use, so stay tuned!

Releases for mackerel-agent and more

Releases for various OSS including mackerel-agent have been made. The details follow below. Thank you to all of our contributors!

mackerel-agent v0.47.2

  • Can now be built using Go 1.9.2
  • ERROR (open /sys/block: no such file or directory) level logs that appear in Heroku and other environments have been changed to DEBUG level messages.

mackerel-agent-plugins v0.38.0

  • [postgres] Processing improved
  • [docker] The graph that displays the CPU usage rate was changed
    • This is an incompatible change
    • Up until now it was a raw counter value, but with this version upgrade it will be displayed in CPU percentage
    • By specifying the -cpu-format option, it is also possible to return to the previous behavior
  • [cloudfront] -metric-key-prefix option now available

The Mackerel advent calendar!

It’s already November and about that time of a year for Mackerel’s technical advent calendar. We made one this year as well. (Japanese only)

As of right now, there are still lots of open spots! We hope that you can join us!