Memos can now be left for monitoring rules using mkr commands

Hello! Sales engineer id:Soudai here.

The cherry blossoms have started to bloom a little early and it’s finally starting to feel like spring.

Mackerel Drink Up #4 Tokyo - connpass was held last week and a lot of people attended the event. We were able to exchange ideas on topics like plugin implementation and even had an LT tournament, all while enjoying a really fun atmosphere.

Here’s a report blog written by a participant.

I also participated in the LT tournament. Take a look at this as well.

If you were too busy and couldn’t make it this time, don’t worry! We’ll be holding these types of events regularly in the future. So by all means, join us next time!!

Anyways, here is this week’s update information.

Memos can now be be left for monitoring rules using mkr commands

Last week we released a feature that lets you leave notes for monitoring rules. Now, this feature is also supported by mkr. As before, by simply adding the memo item, this feature is easy to use when updating with mkr monitors.

Example use

% mkr monitors diff
   "critical": 2000,
   "duration": 1,
   "metric": "hoge.count",
   "name": "mackerel-demo - hoge.count",
+  "memo": "test"
   "operator": ">",
   "service": "mackerel-demo",
   "type": "service",
   "warning": 1000

% mkr monitors push

Now accepting applications for the Mackerel Hands-On Seminar

Starting from last year, the Mackerel Hands-On Seminar has been held 6 times. It’s an event where you can come and learn all sorts of things, from “why server monitoring is necessary” to Mackerel monitoring configurations and handling alerts in a practical workshop format. The first seminar of this year will be held on April 12th (Wed.). Definitely consider applying if you meet any of the following:

  • For those who are interested in, but do not have experience with server monitoring or monitoring related work
  • For those who might have heard of “Mackerel”, but aren’t exactly sure what it is
  • For those who are currently pursuing a job as an engineer

For more details, visit the application site linked below. We still have spots left, so please apply!