AWS Integration now supporting ALB etc.

Hey everyone! Continuing with last week, we would like to introduce another blog entry from one of our Mackerel users! (Unfortunately, it’s only available in Japanese)

監視だけじゃない!デプロイにMackerelを使う話 - Mercari Engineering Blog

This user writes about using Mackerel’s API to obtain Ansible inventory information.

Mackerel is widely recognized as a server monitoring service, but it was originally created as a server management tool within Hatena. In the future, we will continue to develop and implement new ways to use Mackerel as was introduced in this blog. Mercari, thank you for writing such a wonderful article!

Anywho, here is this week’s release information.

AWS Integration now supporting ALB

The feature that has been requested by many users was finally released this week. AWS Integration now supports ALB.

Along with this, the previously labeled “ELB” has been changed to “ELB (CLB)”.

By all means, give it a try! We would love your feedback.

The SSL server certificate check is now optional for URL external monitoring

Due to the occasional request for the release of this feature as well, we’ve added an option to skip the SSL server certificate check in URL external monitoring.

By using this option, even if you’ve configured self-signed certificate, it is now possible to perform external monitoring without raising alerts as a result of these certificates.

Monitor rule filtering is now possible

You can now filter monitoring rules. With this, even among numerous rules, searching for the one you want has become even easier. By all means, try it out!

An Advent Calendar has been made for Mackerel!

Have you guys ever heard of an “Advent Calendar”?

Traditionally, it’s a calendar used to count down the number of remaining days until Christmas, but the term is also commonly used in the Web world to refer to an event where a blog post is written every day until Christmas.

We are pleased to announce that this year’s calendar is being made by volunteer Mackerel users!

Mackerel Advent Calendar 2016 - Qiita

There’s still quite a few vacant days left so please consider joining!