API Gateway now supported with AWS Integration and more

Hello! Mackerel team CRE Miura (id:missasan) here.

November has finally come and winter is steadily approaching. And with this time of the year, comes the advent calendar season. I’m sure that everyone is watching and waiting to decide which events to participate in this year. Even here at Mackerel, our annual advent calendar is in the works.

Here are a few of Mackerel’s advent calendars from past years.

The advent calendar was originally a calendar used to count down the number of days until Christmas, looking forward to and enjoying each day by opening up little windows to find small candies or chocolates. I’m excited about the fact that is year’s Mackerel advent calendar will be one that gives nice little gifts to all our users.

If you’ve tried out Mackerel for a year, we'd love to hear what made you happy or some things you struggled with. If you’ve never made an advent calendar before, why not make your debut with Mackerel? By all means!

Now on to this week’s update information.

API Gateway now supported with AWS Integration

Following CloudFront, is support for API Gateway. Refer to the following link for details regarding obtainable metrics.

AWS Integration features are being released one after another. If you haven’t changed your integration settings in a while, be sure to take a look at this in review.

ALB now supported with mackerel-plugin-aws-waf

Up until now, only AWS WAF metrics deployed to CloudFront were targets with mackerel-plugin-aws-waf, but with this update it’s now possible to obtain ALB targeted metrics as well.

This is a feature made possible by user contributions. Thank you very much!

A posting limit has been set for API service metric posting

Mackerel’s time series data has a granularity of 1 minute, and any metrics posted at a higher frequency than that are overwritten. With this update, we’ve set a limit on the number of service metric postings by API.

If the limited number of posts for each endpoint is exceeded, status 429 is returned. Be careful not to set a posting frequency below once per minute.

In addition, it’s also possible for the service metric posting API to send multiple metrics at once. By sending multiple metrics together instead of one by one, you can avoid posting restrictions on the API. For more details, refer to the help page.

Monitoring solution seminar featuring: Cloud Portal x SIOS Coati x and Mackerel!

Sony Network Communications (Cloud Portal), SIOS Technology (SIOS Coati), and your very own Hatena (Mackerel) are holding a seminar together.

Event outline

  • Date and time: Wednesday, December 12th, 15:00-17:30
  • Location: Akihabara UDX 4F Next-2 (2 min walk from Akihabara Station)
  • Capacity: 80 people

Sign up here (Japanese only)