APIs to obtain metrics lists・Improvements to mackerel-agent’s installation guide page・Notice regarding the AWS Integration

Here is this week’s update.

APIs to obtain metrics lists has been added

APIs have been added for obtaining the metric names of both host and service graphs. When using an API to obtain metric values, the necessary parameter (metric name) can be obtained from these API.

For more information, check out the help page.

Additionally, please refer to the following help page for specifications of the metric names that can be obtained by these APIs.

Improvements to mackerel-agent’s installation guide page

In registering the API key, instead of using sed, a change to mackerel-agent init has been made. As a result, duplicate registration will no longer take place, even if you happen to run the command multiple times.

Additionally, for those of you who wish to use this feature, for example when constructing your server, please be aware that mackerel-agent init is a feature for versions 0.30.0 and later.

Notice regarding the AWS Integration

A large number of you have started to use the AWS Integration which was released last week. However, we would like to inform you about the current specification following multiple customer inquiries.

Currently the hosts corresponding to the account registered with the access key, the specified region, and the AWS cloud product (ELB or RDS) will all automatically be registered. Registering or excluding certain ELB/ RDS hosts cannot be done.

We have received a large number of requests concerning registering specific AWS cloud products as hosts and we will address this more in future releases, so please bear with us for a short while.

For more information about this specification, please refer to the help page.

Switching mackerel-agent’s repository when using Amazon Linux

We have received several inquiries concerning the agent not starting with Amazon Linux use.

In the event that the agent does not start when using Amazon Linux AMI 2016.03 or later, please see the following article on how to switch the repository.