Anomaly Detection for Roles will become a paid feature starting August 2019

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The other day, the beta version of Anomaly Detection for Roles was released for Mackerel.

Based on the feedback we’ve received up to this point and improvements made, we believe that the quality of this function has satisfied a certain level and have decided to officially provide the feature starting August 2019.

As an official feature, we will no longer offer the free campaign during the beta trial period.

The action of becoming an official feature does not require any special operation from the user. If you continue to use Anomaly Detection for Roles, it will automatically switch to the official version and charges will incur.

Charge settings and settlement timing for Anomaly Detection for Roles

Anomaly Detection for Roles will be charged at a rate of 1,800 jpy for every five standard hosts that are registered in a monitored role. The number of standard hosts will be calculated on a moving average of one month, taking into account auto scale and so on.

For example, if six standard hosts are registered in role A, and Anomaly Detection for Roles is configured for role A, using the conversion 2 units x 1,800 jpy, a charge of 3,600 jpy will be applied. This calculation is done on a per-role basis. For example, if the same Standard Host is registered in multiple roles, it will be counted for each role.

Role A Role B
Standard Host V, W, Z Standard Host X, Y, Z

In the above example, Standard Host Z overlaps in roles A and B. This will count as 6 Standard Hosts for Anomaly Detection for Roles.

The Anomaly Detection for Roles function will be officially provided starting August 1st, 2019. Usage charges for the month of August will be applied to September’s settlement.

You can check how many Standard Hosts are currently being counted for Anomaly Detection for Roles from your account’s Plan tab (

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