Improvements to list of services; addition of new Slack notification mention

The summer heat here in Japan is as relentless as ever this year, but the Mackerel development team won’t be defeated so easily! We’ve been putting in our best effort every day to develop new features for Mackerel and improve existing ones.

This week’s Mackerel update:

Number of hosts and roles now displayed in the list of services

With this update we’ve made it so that the number of hosts and roles belonging to each service will be displayed in the list of services screen, making it even easier than before to get a sense of a service’s scale at a glance.

Addition of @here to Slack notification mentions

Until now, with Slack alert notifications it was possible to configure notifications to be sent with one of three mentions: @everyone, @channel, or @group. With this update we have added the @here mention to the list.

The @here mention notifies just those team members who are currently active in Slack and are able to receive desktop notifications. This mention can be used, for example, when you want only your co-workers who are on duty to be notified and not those who are off.

For more information please refer to Slack’s Help Center.

Open full screen graphs directly from search results roles tab

Now you can open full screen graphs directly from the roles tab in search results, making it even faster than before to access the graph you’re looking for.