Amazon Linux 2 official version now supported etc.

Hello! Mackerel team CRE Miura (id:missasan) here.

The other day, fellow CRE Inoue (id:a-know) presented at an event called Support Engineer Night vol.3. His presentation introduced technologically challenging cases unique to server monitoring services, and gave a glimpse of the other side of Mackerel support.

(Japanese only)

Now on to the update information.

Amazon Linux 2 official version now supported

Access the one-liner install script in the help page below.

Along with support for the official Amazon Linux 2, cookbook-mackerel-agent 3.1.0 has been released. mackerel-agent can be installed on official Amazon Linux 2 via Chef. Please use this cookbook with Chef 14.3.36 or later.

Additionally, various provisioning tools are being updated to support the official version of Amazon Linux 2 and we recommend that you also update these tools as necessary.

Notice for Obon holiday【8/13(Mon.)- 8/15(Wed.)】

The Mackerel team will be out of the office from August 13th (Friday) until August 15th (Wednesday) for the Obon national holiday. During this period, the support window will be closed (except for emergencies). Thank you for your cooperation and have a great summer vacation everyone!