A plugin to fetch metrics for AWS Step Functions has been added etc.

Hello! Mackerel team CRE Miura (id:missasan) here.

At last, the long awaited Golden Week begins this weekend! I feel like going to a wide open field or a park with lots of trees to take pictures of the all the lush greenery this Spring season.

During the Golden Week holidays, the Mackerel team will not be offering support, nor will a release announcement be made. For more details on this, be sure to check out the Golden Week Announcement section at the end of this update.

Now on to this week’s update information.

A plugin to fetch metrics for AWS Step Functions has been added

AWS Step Functions lets you coordinate and visualize multiple components (such as Lambda etc.) as a series of steps. This series workflow is called a state machine.

This plugin supports state machine related metrics. The image below is an actual representation of fetched metrics being visualized.

NVMe device metrics can now be obtained with mackerel-plugin-linux

Metrics for NVMe devices can now be obtained in Disk Read/Write Time as well as Disk Elapsed IO Time with mackerel-plugin-linux (mackerel-agent-plugins v0.48.0).

Additionally, with this release, removable devices are now excluded from metric fetching.

Support window closed / no release announcement during Golden week

The "Feedback" option that is displayed in the upper right corner of the header while logged-in to Mackerel as well as correspondence/inquiries to support @ will be closed during the time period shown below. Inquiries received during this period will be replied to in order on Monday, May 7th.

  • Support window closed period:Apr 28th, 2018 (Saturday) ~ May 6th, 2018 (Sunday) (JST)

The Mackerel development team will also be taking a week off during the Golden Week holiday period.

  • The next update announcement: May 7th (Monday)

Thank you for your cooperation.