It’s now possible to leave an organization etc.

It’s August! And like we announced last week, Hatena has entered a new term. On July 31st, a company-wide meeting was held and all members of the Mackerel team got together.

We also added some new members to the team! Get ready for even more development!

Anyways, here is this week’s update information.

It’s now possible to leave an organization

Up until now, in order to leave an organization that you belong to, action from a user with administrator authority was necessary. Now we’ve made it possible to do this on your own.

This operation can be performed from the account screen’s organization tab.

Updates for Mackerel-agent-plugins and cookbook-mackerel-agent

mackerel-agent-plugins has been updated to v0.29.1, and cookbook-mackerel-agent has been updated to v1.3.0.


  • [accesslog] Log format detection logic improved
  • [solr] graph definitions improved


  • Enabled to specify environment variable
  • Other minor modifications made to README etc.

A big thanks to everyone who contributed to the above repository!

First stage of large-scale maintenance starts Monday of next week (8/7)

We’ve talked about the large-scale maintenance scheduled for August in previous blog announcements, and now the time has come. The first stage of maintenance starts next Monday, August 7th.

Below are the entries with detailed information regarding the maintenance. Be sure to take another look.

Mackerel UG Meeting vol.3 scheduled for 8/23 (Wed.)

The Mackerel User Group was put together by a group of Mackerel user volunteers. This will be the group’s third event, to be held on Wednesday, August 23rd.

The theme for this event is XaaS meets Mackerel so it should be a good opportunity to hear about interesting and useful manners of application! A few of the Mackerel team staff are planning to stop by as well. I hope you can join us!

Notice for Obon holiday【8/11(Fri.)- 8/16(Wed.)】

The Mackerel team will be out of the office from August 11th (Friday) until August 16th (Wednesday) for the Obon national holiday. During this period, we will be taking a break from our weekly update blog and the support window (except for emergencies).

Our next update blog entry will be on Friday, August 18th. Have a great summer vacation everyone!