AWS Integration now supports Redshift etc.

Hello! I am Mackerel's Sales Engineer id:a-know.

This weekend, is Christmas! These are not quite early Christmas presents, but Mackerel team members have been given some new sweatshirts and hoodies!

In fact, I am writing this while wearing my new hoodie; it is of even better quality than before and really warm!

I hope I will be able to welcome you all at the next official event wearing these new clothes! I am looking forward to that day!

And yes, talking about Christmas, we are now getting closer to the climax of the Mackerel advent calendar! Make sure not to miss it!

Mackerel Advent Calendar 2016 - Qiita

Let's move on to this week's update.

AWS Integration now supports Redshift

Similarly to the recent ALB release, the much-sough-after integration with Redshift has now been released.

Please note that in order to use the Redshift integration functionality, you will need to set the AmazonRedshiftReadOnlyAccess policy in the IAM role used for the integration.

Please refer to the help pages for more details on configuration settings, etc.

Going forward, our plan is to continue to augment our AWS Integration functionality. Please do send us your requests by using the "Feedback" link on the top right of the management screen!

mackerel-agent, etc. released

mackerel-agent and mkr have now been released.

See below for details on the updated functionality.

mackerel-agent 0.38.0

  • You can now pass an array to command when using plugins.
  • Up until now, you could only specify command = "/path/to/cmd -opt=foo", but now you can also specify it as command= [ "/path/to/cmd", "-opt=foo" ]
  • When receiving an array, the execution is not done via the shell. Hence, escaping is no longer required, allowing you to use them in different ways depending on the circumstances.
  • We have made various improvements for Windows.
  • on_stop is now available.
  • When running an agent, you can now add mackerel-agent's installation directory in the PATH environment variable.
  • Thanks to this, although up until now you had to specify command = '''C:\Program^ Files\Mackerel\mackerel-agent\check-log.exe --pattern FATAL --return''', now you can specify command = '''check-log.exe --pattern FATAL --return'''
  • We have made some other improvements as well.

mkr 0.14.0

  • The alerts subcommand now supports expression monitoring.

Thank you very much for your continued support of Mackerel during 2016!

This concludes this week's update, and this will also be our last update for this year.

We have released a great variety of Mackerel features during this whole year. Our number of users has also been increasing dramatically. We are truly grateful to you all.

Our whole team shall work even harder to make 2017 an even more successful year. We would like to thank you all in advance for your continued support for Mackerel!