Batch retirement by selecting any host from the list of hosts is now supported, and more

Hello, This is Nishiyama (id:tukaelu), a CRE on the Mackerel team.

Here are the details of this update:

Batch retirement by selecting any host from the list of hosts is now supported

Thank you very much for your patience!!

Previously, retiring hosts from the Web console had to be done one host at a time.

With this update, hosts can now be retired in batches after selecting hosts from the list!

Select hosts and retire them in batch operations in the upper right corner of the screen!

This update also allows for retiring in batches via the Mackerel API.

Bulk Retire Hosts - Mackerel API Documents (v0)

This feature was implemented by students who participated in the Hatena Internship program!

This feature has been highly requested by users and makes host management and operations more convenient. We hope you find it useful in your routine operations!

mkr now supports filtering by jq

In v0.47.0, gojq was incorporated to support filtering of mkr on its own using jq syntax.

For example, to extract the id of a host whose service/role belongs to Blog:Web, you can simply use mkr as follows:

mkr hosts --jq '.[] | if has("roleFullnames") then select(.roleFullnames[] | . == "Blog:Web").id else empty end

We hope you will find this update useful as well!

Please also refer to this page for the differences between jq and gojq:

GitHub - itchyny/gojq: Pure Go implementation of jq

Support for Reactio will be discontinued due to the end of the service

Reactio, which you have designated as your notification destination, will end its service on August 31st, 2022, and will no longer be supported by Mackerel.

Specific dates will be announced separately, but the following steps will be taken to discontinue its integration.

  • New alerts will no longer be able to be created with Reactio in the Channels page.
  • Registered Reactio channels will no longer appear in the list.
  • Data of registered Reactio channels will be deleted.

After the settings screen is discontinued, the settings can be checked using the API until the function is suspended.

No additional operations will be required on your end as a result of this change.

We have fixed several glitches

  • Fixed a glitch that prevented new creation/update operations when a prefix was specified in Typetalk's notification settings. (Occurred on July 12th, around 3:00 p.m.)
  • Fixed a glitch in External URL Monitoring where new creations/updates could not be performed when no threshold was set for response time and only services were linked. (Occurred on June 16th, around 3:00 p.m.)