OSS updates

Hello. Mackerel team CRE Inoue (id:a-know) here. This week’s release content comprises several OSS updates. Thank you to all those who contributed!


  • Specifying the following items in check monitoring items and metadata posting configurations has been made more intuitive
    • notification_interval
    • check_interval
    • execution_interval
    • The above items can be specified with a time such as 1h20m (1 hour 20 minutes). See Go’s Duration section for the notation.
      • If only an integer is specified, operation will continue the same as before
  • EC2 Instance Metadata Service v2 now supported
    • EC2 instances can be distinguished even in environments where only the EC2 instance metadata service v2 is valid


  • EKS on Fargate now supported as a beta feature


  • [varnish] The following metrics have been added
    • backend_reuse
    • backend_recycle
    • Transient storage metrics