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Retry option added to the mkr throw command

Hello! Mackerel team CRE Miura (id:missasan) here.

We just announced last week that we will no longer be sticking to our previous schedule of consecutive weekly releases, but we already have a new update to deliver. In the future, we would like to actively introduce new update information in this way, by making announcements via this blog and the newsletter when releases are made.

Now on the update information.

Retry option added to the mkr throw command

In mkr v0.31.1, when posting metrics using the mkr throw command, you can now specify to retry failed posts and the number of attempts by attaching the --retry N option. Using this option, you can lower the possibility of data loss when metrics can’t be posted, such as when a request accidentally fails or when Mackerel is under maintenance. Please note that retries will not be carried out if an HTTP error such as 403/404 occurs.

Update the mkr command and give it a try!