Command line tool・mkr now included in the package for Windows etc.

Hello! Mackerel team CRE Inoue (id:a-know) here.

I thought this week was going to start off with a big cold front, but it turned out warming up quite a bit, with weather comparable to that of the month of March. With these changes, it’s been difficult to regulate body temperature. I hope everyone is staying healthy out there.

Luckily, I personally haven’t had any big health problems this winter and I’d like to keep it that way. I’ll be sure to keep “monitoring” my various “metrics”... maybe I’ve already caught an occupational illness? (lol)

Now on to this week’s update information.

Command line tool・mkr now included in the package for Windows

With this week’s update, mkr, the command line tool that strongly supports the implementation of various operations regarding Mackerel via command line is now included in the package for Windows. Now it’s even easier to use mkr.

For more on the basic usages of mkr and various helpful cases using the tool, refer to the following help pages.

When using mkr in a server that is running mackerel-agent, the configuration file inside the server is automatically referenced, so it is not necessary to specify MACKEREL_APIKEY or your own host ID .

mkr status
mkr retire

Updates for mackerel-agent(v0.50.1)

The following updates have been made for mackerel-agent.

  • Command line tool・mkr is now included in the package for Windows (Described above)
  • Stability improved when using the v1 package
  • mackerel-agent once behavior changed
    • mackerel-agent once is a command that can check behavior by manually executing mackerel-agent once.
    • Until now, even if metric collection failed, the exit status would be 0 (normal handling).
    • With this update, failure to collect metrics will end with the exit status 1 (abnormal handling).