You can now configure members to be view-only etc.

id:Songmu, the director of Mackerel’s development team, is taking the stage under the title "Mackerel technology. Where we’ve come from and where we’re going." at JTF2016, held on Sunday, July 24th. (Unfortunately, the event page is only provided in Japanese.)

We’ll be running a booth on that day so, by all means, stop by for a visit!

Here is this week’s update.

You can now configure members to be view-only

It is now possible to configure members to be view-only for each screen of Mackerel from the organization’s member settings (

The switch can be made by pressing the "change permission" button.

Currently, this operation is only possible for users who are already members. However, we are planning for feature expansion such as being able to invite view-only members from the beginning.

New member id:a-know has joined us!

This week, a new sales engineer has been added to the Mackerel development team!!

株式会社はてなに入社しました - えいのうにっき (This is an article written by id:a-know about joining Hatena Co. Ltd.)

Here’s a comment from our new member.

My name is Inoue (id:a-know) and I joined Mackerel as a sales engineer on 7/16! I’m thrilled to be able to bring Mackerel, a product that I love, to customers! I even got to meet with several customers on my second day at work! For those of you reading this article as well, I hope we can get the chance to meet soon! Thank you!

If you happen to see us at a Mackerel team event, such as Meetup, stop by and say hello!