【Advanced release notice】Added feature to obtain closed alerts, along with changes to incompatible specifications for the alert acquisition API

Mackerel Director id:daiksy here.

This week, we will be adding a feature to obtain closed alerts to the alert acquisition API. This feature was highly requested. Along with this new feature, we will be making changes to specifications incompatible with the alert acquisition API.

The extent of impact caused by the specification changes is as follows.

  • Users who currently obtain an open alert list via API
    • Alerts will not be obtainable if more than 101 alerts are open at the same time.
    • If you use mkr to get an alert list and update in advance, there will be no effect due to the fact that mkr 0.34.2 and later will be cared for internally.

The release date and contents of the specification changes are as follows.

  • Release date: November 29, 2018 (Thursday)
  • Release content: Addition of withClosed limit nextId parameter to the alert acquisition API to get closed alerts
  • Change content: The default limit is 100, so if the limit is not set, the maximum number of retrievals will be 100. This also applies to obtaining open alerts in regards to similar requests before specification changes.

Since the number of closed alerts is cumulative, this number can grow to be enormous for organizations that have been operating for a long time. Therefore, it has became necessary to add some sort of paging process for obtaining closed alerts. Because adding this process will affect the behavior of the existing API, we’ve will notify you in advance regarding these specification changes.

Regarding mkr and mackerel-client-go

Regarding mkr, please be aware that if you’re using mkr 0.33.0 or a previous version after November 29th, you will only be able to obtain up to 100 alerts. As versions of mkr and mackerel-client-go that support the new API have already been provided, please update as necessary.

Thank you for choosing Mackerel.