On 2/27 (Tuesday) the system will temporarily shutdown for database maintenance

Mackerel Product Owner id:Songmu here. As stated in the title, system maintenance is scheduled to be carried out this month.

Because this maintenance will require the system to be temporarily shutdown for a relatively long period of time, we understand that this will be an inconvenience for all of our users and we apologize. Nevertheless, this maintenance is indispensable to continuously providing better service in the future. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Scheduled date and time

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018 from 2:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. (JST)

Implementation content

Database maintenance

Regarding the impact on the day of

  • The maintenance completion time stated above, is an estimate of the longest case scenario. The actual maintenance period will end once the work has been completed.
  • After maintenance has begun, the entire Mackerel system will shutdown for a short period of time
    • Web access to Mackerel, data posting by the agent, API access (including the CLI tool), alert notifications, etc. will be unavailable
  • As soon as the maintenance work is completed and operation confirmation is obtained, the system suspension will end and an announcement will be made
  • As for mackerel-agent metric posting, data will be buffered from mackerel-agent during the maintenance period and resent after maintenance has been completed
    • If resent correctly, graphs during the maintenance period will also be displayed

Regarding announcements on the day of

Announcements will be made from the Mackerel status page ( as well as from this blog (

Additionally, we’ll also be using our official Twitter account (

For inquiries related to this matter

Please send all inquiries regarding this matter to

Thank you again for your understanding and cooperation. And thank you for choosing Mackerel.