Regarding stage 2 maintenance on 8/21(Mon.)

Mackerel sub-producer id:Songmu here.

The first stage of maintenance was carried out this week on Monday, August 7th. As previously announced, in continuation with this maintenance, the second stage will take place on Monday, August 21st.

This time, only relocation of the subsystems will be done and since the database and such will not be relocated, service will not be stopped.

With this, maintenance related to this platform transition will come to an end. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Although mentioned in the entry below, we’ll take you through the details again.

Date and time

Monday, August 21, 2017 2:30 - 3:30 p.m. (JST)


The URL external monitoring, AWS integration, and Azure integration subsystems will be relocated.

Extent of impact

There will be no stoppage of service. However, there is a possibility that monitoring with the above-mentioned subsystems may occasionally stop working.

After maintenance is completed, the source IP address used for notification channels from Mackerel such as URL external monitoring, AWS integration, Azure integration, and Webhook will be changed. Email notifications will not change.

Additionally, in regards to URL monitoring, it’s possible that measured response time trends may fluctuate slightly in order to for the observation conditions, including location, to change.

For users who are subject to IP address restrictions, please add the new IP address in addition to the current IP address to the transmission permission targets by the maintenance date.

※Due to the possibility that rollbacks may occur after maintenance is completed, please keep the current IP address concurrently for a few months. We will make a separate announcement regarding deletion of the current IP address.

Current IP address


New IP address


Regarding announcements on the day of

Announcements will be made from our Status Page (

We’ll be making occasional status update announcements from the status page. In the unlikely event that maintenance should be extended, we will inform you from the status page.

In addition, after maintenance is completed, we will update our blog with details including actual times of implementation.

For inquiries regarding this matter please email us at

Thank you for your cooperation and thank you for choosing Mackerel.